Voicethread.com is an interactive tool that allows students to construct viable arguments and critique the work of others in a collaborative online setting through the use of multimedia, voice recordings, and/or typing.

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1. Go to your favorite video clip, podcast, or embedded application. Anything from Google Calendar to Twitter to YouTube!
2. Find the HTML code to paste into your site. This will be found in a text box labeled "Embed", "Embed HTML", "Add to My Site/Blog", "Link to this page", or similar.
3. On this Wiki page, click Widget above, paste in the HTML space and click "Preview" to see how it will look. When you save your changes by clicking the "Save" button, your media clip or application will appear in your Wikispaces page.

It may be helpful to include a brief summary of your document.

When finished, click the blue horizontal line icon above to separate your document from other uploaded documents.

This is an example of an anticipation guide made through VoiceThread. VoiceThread has multiple benefits for students. Students learn to use technology to present images, videos, and documents. Additionally, VoiceThread can be used to allow students to think critically and receive feedback in a collaborative online setting.
Posted By Renee Smith

This is an example of a voicethread used to promote online collaboration between students in a SS course studying the Supreme Court.
Created by Penelope Sherman-Goyer