Rereading through different perspectives

According to Beers, rereading is probably the number one strategy independent readers use when they do not comprehend something in a text. It’s probably the last thing dependent readers do. Independent readers feel it’s their job to figure out the text and naturally reread. Whereas dependent readers neither believe they can figure it out nor that they are expected to figure it out. Therefore, as teachers we should promote rereading as a powerful way to read strategically with little instruction.

  • In order for students to buy into rereading, the teacher must provide opportunities for students to see the value. Have students rate their comprehension of the text each time they reread. Value is one of the motivators for learning. If students can find the value, they will do it more often.
  • Remind/assign rereading. To promote critical thinking, a deeper understanding of the text, and make rereading more interesting, assign rereading from different perspectives.
  • Model rereading in class to show how to reread. Let students hear how your thinking changes as you reread the text.

Different Perspectives for Reading

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Rereading Assignment by Renee Smith
  • First time read and jot down any questions, predictions, and responses to what you read.
  • Second time, read and take notes from the perspective of (a character).
*Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 about how well you understood what was read compared to the first time.
  • Third time, read and jot down notes from the perspective of (a different character).
*Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 about how well you understood what was read compared to the last reading.