Literacy in Social Studies

Social Studies Lesson Plans that Promote Literacy

Close Reading in US History Roosevelt's Inaugural Speech
In this video, 11th grade students in US History closely read the inaugural speech of President Roosevelt.

Picturing Vietnam
A lesson plan for grade 7 English Language Arts, Information Skills, and Social Studies by Edie McDowell
This lesson plan is intended to introduce students to Vietnam’s geography, climate, culture, history, natural history, arts, economics, and government. Students will view a collection of documentary photographs and use these for making logical observations, drawing conclusions, and as a basis for creative writing.

The Common Core State Standards that are reflected in this lesson are as follows:
RI: 3

Megan Luzader, a SS teacher at Ranson MS, promotes literacy in her discipline by using frontloading strategies such as anticipation guides and Tea Party, a rereading strategy, and providing options for students through choice boards.

The attachment includes information regarding an anticipation guide on the Cuban Revolution and Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War, the rereading and Tea Party strategy for text on the Berlin Wall, a dialogue for making inferences for a political cartoon on the Cuban Missile Crisis, and an example of a choice board for options on assignments with material on The Cold War. She included reflective thoughts on her instructional practices.

In this differentiated lesson plan, students will be able to examine the Holocaust. The teacher incorporates literacy strategies by implementing the following:
  • Retell strategy
  • Jigsaw
  • Final Word
  • Reading through the perspective of another person

An anticipation guide, the Say Something Strategy, making inferences and choice boards are used within the attachment for a US & African American History class for High School students.

Learn NC Lesson Plans

LEARN NC’s lesson plans span the wide range of curriculum areas for every grade from K to 12. The collection includes the best instructional plans created by North Carolina educators as well as high-quality materials from state and national partners. Search lesson plans using the words history or social studies.

When Reading is Hard: Why Students Need Strategy Instruction
Social Studies reading strategies can be found on p.6.