Literacy in Science


These students are working on a plate tectonics project that incorporates literacy. The choiceboard attachment reflects many literacy options.

Let It Grow: An Inquiry-Based Organic Gardening Research Project

Struggling readers at the middle school level often become frustrated with research projects because of their low literacy skills. However, they are often very creative, kinesthetic learners, and when a research project is scaffolded properly, they are able to work independently, think critically, and accomplish a finished product they can feel proud of. This literacy based lesson plan incorporates a project that motivates students to learn about organic gardening by developing their own research questions, conducting research, and gardening at their school. They then create signs about their plants and present their research to the class so that other students can learn about each plant.

NATURE WORKS everywhere
The lesson plans on this site bring nature to life with relevant science content designed to enrich, inspire, and engage. The site includes downloadable PDF versions and presentation versions for an interactive whiteboard (IWB).

Glogging About Natural Disasters
As background knowledge to Susan Pfeffer’s novels The Dead and the Gone and Life as We Knew It, students research natural disasters. In these two companion novels set in two different locations in the United States, the world’s environment has been changed because the moon has been pushed closer to the earth. This disturbance causes a series of natural disasters and epidemics. To fully understand the effects natural disasters have had on the world’s environment, each student researches a different natural disaster. Then they use these facts as well as safety tips in unique glogs, online interactive multimedia posters, that will include student-recorded weather announcements.

Learn NC Lesson Plans
LEARN NC’s lesson plans span the wide range of curriculum areas for every grade from K to 12. The collection includes the best instructional plans created by North Carolina educators as well as high-quality materials from state and national partners. Search lesson plans using the word science.

Symphony of Science
The Symphony of Science is a musical project of John D Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. The project owes its existence in large measure to the classic PBS Series Cosmos, by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steve Soter, as well as all the other featured figures and visuals. Students can read the lyrics to songs and interpret the scientific meaning in the songs. This helps students who learn through music and are visual.

Newton's Law of Motion: The Law of Inertia
Videos can be viewed as a form of text. View the video to see Newton's first law of motion in action with this video from the European Space Agency.

Virtual Pond Dip
This virtual pond dip introduces some of the commoner types and hopefully encourages an exploration of the incredible 'world within a world' of a real pond. This website includes a variety of texts.

Science Daily
ScienceDaily is updated several times a day and covers discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences. Stories are integrated with all types of texts such as photographs and illustrations, links to journals and academic studies, related research and topics, encyclopedia articles, and videos, to provide a wealth of relevant information on almost every science topic imaginable.

When Reading is Hard: Why Students Need Strategy Instruction
Science reading and thinking strategies can be found on page 7. You can use the questions to make inferences, activate prior knowledge, and interchange questions within the disciplinary frames.

List, Group, Label with Ecosystems