Literacy in Arts

Literacy in Dance ClassCorinne Chiusano, a dance teacher at Southwest MS, promotes literacy by incorporating projects using reading and writing to research the different types of dance the students are learning. After the projects are completed, the teacher allows for the students to present their information promoting their listening and speaking skills. In addition, she uses an interactive journal that incorporates reading and writing skills as well.Art_Brochures.JPG Incorporating_Projects_in_Dance.JPGAreas_people_dance.JPG

Literacy in Theatre ArtsMr. Ken Koch, a Theatre Arts teacher at Northeast MS, promotes literacy by incorporating:
  • Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast characters
  • Research about theatre topics to create time lines
  • Graphic organizers as ways for students to learn and apply vocabulary


Mr. Ken Koch, a Theatre Arts teacher at Northeast MS, is a teacher leader and developed professional development for the staff to promote literacy across disciplines. The link includes literacy strategies and examples such as Active Reading Poker (revised Say Something), Tea Party, Anticipation Guides, Choice Boards, RAFT, Retell, and more!!!

Holly Lambert, a MS Music teacher at Lincoln Heights Academy, includes literacy strategies such as KWL, Say Something, Making Inferences, and Choice Boards. She does an exemplar job at describing how the strategies are used, provides evidence of student responses and provides pictures to illustrate how it is incorporated in her classroom.

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LEARN NC’s lesson plans span the wide range of curriculum areas for every grade from K to 12. The collection includes the best instructional plans created by North Carolina educators as well as high-quality materials from state and national partners.

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